Teaching With Emotional Safety - The Challenge

Linda Feng

In the first episode of Unicon’s Teaching With Emotional Safety podcast series, Thomas Bender speaks with Unicon Software Architect Linda Feng and Software Product Leader Sean Yo about the difficulties that come with the connection between education and emotional health, especially in an era where learning is done digitally.

Show Notes:

Teaching With Emotional Safety Podcast Series

As education is forced to take place over digital platforms, the importance of exercising emotional intelligence as a teacher is paramount. In the first episode, we zero in on identifying this challenge. In future episodes in this series, we will discuss how successful educators are meeting this challenge, and how we recommend teachers can build strong connections with their students to provide them with a safer, more effective learning environment. Unicon is involved in the transformation of online education. We support teachers and students in this new climate, where they are creating a safe space for meaningful learning.

Episode 2 - The Solution

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Linda Feng

Linda Feng

Linda Feng is a Principal Software Architect at Unicon, Inc., a leading provider of education technology consulting and digital services. Linda has deep experience in student information systems (SIS) integration, open standards, and big data/ learning analytics, most recently as Senior Product Manager for Canvas SIS Integrations and Canvas Data at Instructure. Prior to Instructure, Linda held the position of software architect for Oracle's Student Products Division. In the last several years, she served as co-chair of the IMS Global Learning Initiative Learning Information Services & Privacy Working Groups, helping to bring a new Enterprise interoperability standard to market.