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App and Product Development

Transformative Learner-Centric Experiences

Elevate education through innovative learning experiences. Our learner-first approach to application development is designed to raise accessibility, optimize user experience, and enhance educational outcomes.

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Whether it’s a sophisticated new product or a series of enhancements, our experts can help you expedite production and keep cost-effective as we transform your bullets on a whiteboard to fully-functional software. 

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Design and Build Engaging Learning Experiences

Unicon’s Application Development team works closely with clients to align business goals and bring their product vision to life through working software. We guide clients through all phases of product definition, development, user acceptance testing, and production release.

Tailored Online Learning

Nurture a dynamic and engaging learning environment that’s enhanced, augmented, and designed specifically for your institution. Unicon’s Learning Experience Design (LXD) team applies a creative and iterative design approach to create a tailored and effective experience centered around the learner.

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Unlock Efficiency,
Quality, and Innovation

Unicon is your strategic partner in designing and building applications and products that nurture a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Take advantage of over 30 years of expertise in designing fast, flexible, and cost-effective apps with the latest technologies and tools.

Cloud Solutions

App and Product Development

By leveraging cloud-based infrastructure and services, educational institutions and edtech companies can accelerate development cycles, reduce costs, and enhance scalability. This enables them to create and iterate on educational apps and products more efficiently, ensuring rapid deployment and updates.

Additionally, cloud platforms provide a collaborative environment for remote development teams, fostering innovation and flexibility in creating cutting-edge educational solutions that can easily reach students and educators across diverse environments and devices.

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