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Unicon Ebooks

Unicon authors ebooks and whitepapers to keep the community up to date with the latest news, knowledge, and wisdom around the education technology landscape. As a part of our effort to share knowledge, look for our current and previous ebooks and whitepapers on a variety of topics.

Below you will find information on individual ebooks and whitepapers.

Improving Data Literacy to Enhance Academic Advising

Explore how democratizing data in academic advising empowers advisors to utilize institutional data effectively, enhancing their confidence and decision-making abilities.

Student Groups and Machine Learning Clustering - Better Together

Machine learning (ML) is the way in which algorithms use patterns in data to draw conclusions. As a part of artificial intelligence, ML tackles complex problems in an iterative and intuitive manner.

Data Lifecycle and Analytics in the AWS Cloud

Data is an organization’s most valuable asset and the volume and variety of data that organizations amass continues to grow. Simpler data analytics, cheaper data storage, advanced predictive tools like artificial intelligence (AI), and data visualization are necessary for better data-driven decisions.

Building Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Organizations are leveraging a hybrid cloud model, defined as integrating on-premises IT in your datacenter with cloud resources, to share data and applications across environments and to reduce or eliminate challenges difficult to address with traditional IT.