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Case Studies

Aggregate Student Data for Better Decision-Making
With the shift to remote learning, online views into student performance are more important than ever. In a classroom, teachers can assess who needs help and who needs to be challenged every day.
From Static Content to Effective Online Learning
The Human Resources (HR) profession requires specialized education in a variety of disciplines. Certifications in key areas demonstrate employees’ proficiency to their employers and ensure organizational consistency.
Open Source Web SSO in the Cloud
When information technology (IT) budgets and staffing get tight on campus, it can be challenging to maintain key campus systems, and even more difficult to make critical improvements. More and more, IT departments are moving towards outsourcing major projects and ongoing management of technology, especially when this involves the Cloud.
Building a Platform for the Future
In businesses with a high degree of human-to-human connection, it is especially important to use technology in a way that doesn’t take the focus from the things that matter. In these businesses, technology is successful when it effortlessly supports user interactions and facilitates connections, surfaces insights and provides services.
An Online Tool for Ensuring a Lifelong Love of Reading
Trying to get children to read — especially when they would rather be outside swinging from the monkey bars or inside playing games on their devices— is no easy task for parents and educators.
2U Scales Course Production While Staying True to Their Mission
2U Inc. is an education technology company that partners with top colleges and universities to bring their degree programs and credit-bearing courses online. 2U isn’t all about algorithms and code, it’s about people — eager students, dedicated teachers, and lifelong learners.
NCSU Improves Student Success with Learning Analytics Technology
A major challenge in higher education is retaining students in academic programs. Too often, at-risk students drop out and do not complete their degrees. North Carolina State University (NCSU) is committed to harnessing technology to improve student learning and provide ready access to quality education for everyone.
EdTech DevOps on AWS
Start-up Organization A small start-up company launched a Traveler Relationship Management application to support early-stage study abroad advising while simplifying the application and pre-departure process. To achieve quick deployment of application updates, increased application reliability / availability, and improved operational transparency, the company needed a solid DevOps solution designed to strengthen infrastructure.
Serverless Content Delivery on AWS
Social Network Community A large social networking company developed a program that provides a forum for developers worldwide to connect and collaborate. Developers build skills and gain experience to contribute to their knowledge base. The program allows for idea incubation while fostering a strong sense of community.