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About Unicon

Curious, passionate, and trusted…Unicon is a team of skilled people, enabled by tools, delivering impactful solutions to the market.

Our Story

Unicon is a technology consulting firm focused solely on the education ecosystem.  We partner with institutions and companies to create learner-centric digital experiences to transform online teaching and learning.  We believe in the power of technology to expand access to education and in the power of education to create a better future for all.

Founded by two dedicated engineers who graduated from Arizona State University, Unicon operates by two fundamental principles:

  • Take care of the client: prioritizing the needs of clients.
  • Take care of each other: fostering a supportive internal culture.
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Creating an inclusive environment

We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment makes us a more competitive and resilient company. Our hiring practices distribute job postings across diverse populations in order to reach and attract varied talent. It is our aim to fill each role based on qualifications and abilities, as selected from a diverse pool of applicants.

As a knowledge organization, retention is a critical aspect of our talent strategy. Supporting our employees’ skill development through learning and development opportunities, shadowing activities, and market conference participation, ensures our talent growth keeps pace with our clients’ needs. Our average employee tenure is 10 years. 

We believe in fostering a collaborative environment that empowers our staff. We achieve this through a decentralized power model, where internal teams hold significant autonomy. Each team, working in unity with their client, has the authority to define their goals, strategies, and preferred methods of working. This allows them to tailor their approach to best serve the specific needs of each client.  

Internally, our employee focus groups represent the needs of our employees in company decisions that impact the employee experience. We offer our employees opportunities to collaborate with one another across a variety of identities in support of community, mental health, and overall wellness.

At Unicon, we live by the core values of integrity, mastery, impact, curiosity, and uplift.

These values guide our hiring and retention, our behavior, and the way we evaluate our performance as a team. Both client and employee feedback are critical to our ongoing inspection and adjustment of company culture and values-alignment.

Our company’s north star acknowledges that education has the power to create a better future for all.

As a company centered around learners, we fully recognize that learning never ends and this is true in the pursuit of a fully inclusive workplace. Our aim is to continue to be the employer of choice for highly skilled education technologists, leaders, and thinkers who create positive change in digital education.

Improving the experience of learning, because education lifts all.

Meet the Team

Senior Leaders

Open Dan McCallum's bio
Dan McCallum

Chief Services Officer

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Kenna Ose

Vice President Market Development

Flora Ketley

Vice President, Financial Operations

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Patience Breinholt

Vice President Human Resources

Patty Wolfe

Senior Director, Learning Application and Experience

David Mendez

Senior Director, Critical Infrastructure

Board of Directors

Open John C. Blakley's bio
John C. Blakley

Founder and Executive Chairman

Chris Franz


Dr. William Lewis

Retired CIO, Arizona State University

Robert Bowen

Retired CEO, Scientific Learning

Nana Kyei

Managing Director, Jefferies

EJ Blanchfield

Managing Director, Head of Human Capital, GQG Partners

Kate Valenti