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Empower Your Tech Team with Wayfind Talent

Discover Wayfind Talent, Unicon’s Talent as a Service (TaaS) solution, tailored for the K-20 and Educational Technology (EdTech) markets. Gain unparalleled access to technical experts with K-20 domain expertise, ensuring your projects are powered by the right people. Wayfind Talent excels in guiding you through the dynamic landscape of the IT workforce.

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In the face of dwindling IT teams and increasing retirements, the challenge of finding and retaining top technical talent has never been more acute.

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Solutions for Recruiting and Retaining Top Technical Talent

According to EDUCAUSE’s 2022 report, 42% of senior IT leaders have seen a decrease in their teams, with 55% considering retirement or leaving their institutions. This trend highlights an urgent need for innovative solutions.

Talent as a Service

Project Leadership

Project Leadership

Project leaders with industry credentials

Project Manager
Program Manager
Business Analyst
Implementation Manager


Domain-focused Agile development teams

Software Engineer
Identity Engineer
Cloud Architect
Data Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Quality Engineer
Security & Privacy Professional
Learner Experience

Learner Experience

Creative experts skilled in modern digital learning

UX Designer
UX Architect
Instructional Designer
Curriculum Engineer
Assessment Engineer
Media Engineer

Strategic analyst


Trusted thinkers and ed market veterans

Strategic Analyst
Technology Strategist
Network of highly connected SMEs

Wayfind Talent: Your Trusted Partner

“Unicon has been providing high quality strategic staffing for decades. Our unique ability to provide true domain experts who are ready, reliable, and delightful to engage with sets us apart in the industry. Now more than ever, institutions and companies rely on quality partners that get it right the first time. Wayfind Talent gives our clients choice, talent, and ultimately, results.”

- Kate Valenti, CEO, Unicon

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Key features

Domain Experts-1

Access to Domain Experts

Access to specialized roles such as technology strategists, project and program managers, software architects, and developers covering areas like interoperability, product development, data governance, security, and cloud optimization.

Cost-Effective Solutions-1

Cost-Effective Solutions

By aligning with your budget and project scope, Wayfind Talent eliminates the financial commitment and time associated with recruiting and onboarding full-time technical staff, reducing overall expenditure while maintaining quality outcomes.

Flexibility in Staffing Models-1

Flexibility in Staffing Models

Whether you need expert involvement quarterly, half-time, or full-time, our service adapts to your project’s lifecycle, delivering the right level of support exactly when and for how long you need it.

Strategic Role Selection-1

Strategic Role Selection

Wayfind Talent allows you to tailor your workforce by handpicking experts from our talent pool who align with your project’s objectives, ensuring each role is filled with precision.

Formalized Shared Services Model-1

Formalized Shared Services Model

This structured approach consolidates various service needs, offering a single, cohesive solution that simplifies management, enhances collaboration, and ensures consistency across all your technical initiatives.

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Wayfind Talent

Discover the power of tailored talent solutions. With Wayfind Talent, you can elevate your educational initiatives with expert K-20 domain professionals ready to advance your projects.

Cloud Solutions

App and Product Development

By leveraging cloud-based infrastructure and services, educational institutions and edtech companies can accelerate development cycles, reduce costs, and enhance scalability. This enables them to create and iterate on educational apps and products more efficiently, ensuring rapid deployment and updates.

Additionally, cloud platforms provide a collaborative environment for remote development teams, fostering innovation and flexibility in creating cutting-edge educational solutions that can easily reach students and educators across diverse environments and devices.

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