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Consulting and Strategic Staffing

Collaborating for Customized Solutions: Your Unique Needs, Our Expertise.

K-20 Education Consulting Experts

Our committed team collaborates closely with you to update your technology, bolster the security of your digital assets, integrate new features into your current applications, and unleash data to unlock valuable insights for your students, faculty, staff, and institution.

Education Technology Experts

We aim to accelerate project completion, decrease your time-to-market, and provide valuable information and thought leadership to help you modernize, innovate, and augment your processes


A Learner-Centric Approach

Discover the Power of Custom Solutions with Unicon!

We empower you and your team by bringing you along on the learner journey – that means that you own and control both the learning content and your technology at the end of the project.


Ensuring the learner has secure access from anywhere, directly to the resources they need.

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Enabling engaging digital-first content with rich instructional experiences, differentiated for the learner's needs.


Connecting the learner to quality interactions with their networks - instructors, community, and peers.


Enabling the learner to demonstrate learning and receive timely feedback on progress toward goals.


Enabling human and digital feedback, guidance, and assistance.


Identifying and tracking learning outcomes through skill or credential achievement.

Unicon's LEARN Methodology

Listen, Envision, Analyze, Recommend, Navigate

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Courseware Enrollment Series

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Teaching with Emotional safety

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Talent Spotlight - Gary Thompson

Talent Spotlight - Gary Thompson

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