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Data and Analytics

Actionable Insights for Data-Informed Decision-Making

Unicon’s Data and Analytics services foster a culture of informed decision-making. We go above and beyond technical due diligence, striving for ongoing improvement of your data and analytics systems to continue providing the best learning experience possible.


From Insights to Action

Transforming your raw data into a valuable asset is a complex process that can span multiple technologies, tools, and environments. Let Unicon help turn your data into a resource that empowers impactful, data-informed decisions.


Use Data To Make Impactful Decisions

WAYFIND is a data & analytics solution to promote data-informed decision-making that creates a mature data culture and a robust process for data governance and management. Gain a solution to integrate and enhance your data ecosystem that elevates student outcomes and accelerates business goals.

Transforming Education Through Analytics

Administrators rely on student achievement data, admission and acceptance data, and credential and degree completion data to inform education plans, meet accountability and accreditation requirements, and develop equity standards.


Data and Analytics Services

WAYFIND (Strategy and Services for the Data Ecosystem)

Data Strategy Evaluation

Enterprise Data Management

Data Governance and Data Security

Data Visualization

Modern Data Architecture and Stack Solutions

Data Warehousing/Data Lakes

Data Consulting and Development

Cloud Solutions

Data and Analytics

By storing vast amounts of educational data in the cloud, educational organizations can harness the power of scalable computing resources and advanced analytics tools. This bestows valuable insights into student performance, learning trends, and the effectiveness of educational solutions. Moreover, cloud-based analytics facilitate real-time monitoring, personalized learning experiences, and data-driven decision-making, helping organizations to enhance the quality and impact of education.

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