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Identity and Access Management

Secure Identity and Access Management

Elevate access and empower learning. Unicon’s Identity team facilitates streamlined, safe access for any learner, anywhere.

Holistic IAM Solutions

Unicon’s IAM approach is holistic and comprehensive. We assess, implement, and support IAM solutions that enhance security and promote collaboration across applications. Our solutions include provisioning, WebSSO, federated ID management, groups management, and multi-factor authentication.

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Open Source IAM in the Cloud

NAVIGATE is an open source, hosted, and fully managed cloud-based identity solution to establish swift, protected access to the digital tools that learners and staff need. Choose from several open source applications to create a custom platform that enhances security, optimizes efficiency, and minimizes costs.

A Secure Foundation for
Online Engagement

Unicon’s IAM team is your dedicated partner, knowledgeable on the full Identity and Access Management workflow and associated tools. Our distinction lies in not only addressing immediate concerns and crafting roadmaps to success, but in fostering collaborative partnerships which assure a thriving identity ecosystem in the future.

IAM Services

Foundational Services

  • IAM Evaluation
  • Grouper Implementation Readiness Assessment
  • midPoint Implementation Readiness Assessment
  • Open Source Support

IAM General Consulting

  • WebSSO & MFA
  • CAS Consulting and Training
  • ITAP Consulting
  • Provisioning
  • Federation
  • Groups Management
  • UI/UX Consulting & Implementation

Identity Hosted Services

  • NAVIGATE Identity (Hosting for Shibboleth, midPoint, and Grouper)
  • IdP in the Cloud
  • Federation ID Management

Consulting and Implementation for the InCommon® Trusted Access Platform:

  • Shibboleth
  • midPoint
  • Grouper

Cloud Solutions

Identity and Access Management

Cloud-based identity management allows for simplified authentication and authorization processes, making it easier to manage user access while ensuring data security and compliance with privacy regulations. This enhances the overall user experience, streamlines administrative tasks, and reinforces the trustworthiness of educational technology solutions.

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