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Student Groups and Machine Learning Clustering - Better Together

Student_Groups_and_Machine_Learning_Clustering_better_together_epub_coverMachine learning (ML) is the way in which algorithms use patterns in data to draw conclusions. As a part of artificial intelligence, ML tackles complex problems in an iterative and intuitive manner. It's a powerful tool, and the organizations that learn to use it to their advantage will be a big step ahead for the years to come.

In the world of education, the role of machine learning is growing rapidly. It is empowering organizations from K-12 through Higher Education, as well as EdTech companies, with the ability to accelerate research, optimize operations, increase the reach of online learning, and improve student outcomes.

This ebook provides an in-depth look at how we applied machine learning to organize and explore data that identified patterns to inform the creation of student groups and provided information that could be leveraged to supercharge group activities in the classroom.

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