What Can an Instructional Designer Do for Me?

Published on: November 13, 2019
Jane Gibbons, Instructional Designer
Suzanne Livingston, Instructional Designer

More than one-third of all students take at least one online course each year.  But their experience varies, ranging from courses that are dry, boring, unengaging, and ineffective, to courses that are highly interactive, effective, and represent a better experience for the student than an actual classroom.

What makes the difference?

Instructional design—or the way in which the course content is assembled and delivered to the learner.
At Unicon, we have been creating and delivering highly effective online courses for more than 20 years.
Learn about what an instructional designer can do for you by watching this vlog from two members of Unicon’s experienced and talented instructional design team.



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Jane Gibbons photo

Jane Gibbons

Instructional Designer

I’m Jane Gibbons, an instructional designer here at Unicon. I have a master’s degree in Educational Technology and have been working as an instructional designer for many years. I have worked for small vendors with big clients and as an employee of large Silicon Valley companies. I was an independent contractor for several years before I hit the jackpot by being hired by the good folks at Unicon. My motto for instructional design work is simple, “Don’t frustrate your learners, motivate them!”

Sue Livingston photo

Suzanne Livingston

Instructional Designer

I am an Instructional Designer at Unicon. I have a master’s degree in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology, a certificate in Online Learning and Teaching, and a certificate in Instructional Design of eLearning. Prior to joining the Unicon team, my experience included instructional design for a variety of large and small companies. My work has included all types of delivery methods to accommodate the needs of the companies and their learners (in-person, virtual instructor led, and eLearning). I believe sound instruction is key to a successful learning experience. The learner should be engaged throughout the course or training!