Cloud Services

December, 2020 At Unicon, we help many institutions and enterprises develop and implement their data analytics strategy. A question we get often is “what is a data lake?,” and “how does it differ from a data warehouse?”
May, 2020 Cloud Migration Strategy: Trust the Process You have developed a business case for moving to the Cloud, done all of the proper planning and preparation, and ensured that your team has acquired the necessary skill sets to perform your cloud migration.
April, 2020 In today’s technology landscape, the Cloud is something that everyone is thinking about, and the benefits of migrating to the Cloud are widely known. The limiting factor for planning a cloud migration tends to be not knowing *where* to start your cloud journey once you accept the fact that you *should* start the journey.
March, 2020 The Cloud is here to stay, and many organizations already have applications or websites in the Cloud, or at least some SaaS subscriptions. As the features and services available from cloud providers have increased, the decision making around how to move forward and enhance your current offerings or even
April, 2019 This is the second entry of the ECS Scaling blog that covers how to properly scale the EC2 cluster of instances that are running your ECS Tasks. When I wrote the first entry, ECS Auto Scaling, I discussed how to scale
December, 2018 Background and Overview At Unicon, our security operations (sec-ops) staff engages with project teams early to determine what support is needed throughout the project. Considerations and risk indicators for projects include the security classification of the data that will be handled, and the project activities which may include data analytics, software development, infrastructure design and deployment, and production operations.
November, 2018 When it comes to deploying a highly available CAS server, one of the chief concerns is to choose a technology that is capable of sharing CAS-generated tickets across multiple server nodes. The task of managing and administering CAS tickets is handled today by a Ticket Registry component that is backed by a variety of technologies able to persist, manage, and distribute ticket objects across the entire CAS cluster. Perhaps the most popular and better-adopted option in this area is a ticket registry solution backed by Hazelcast.
August, 2018 Unicon recently completed a project for the Colorado School of Mines to setup a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline that can be used as a template for their work modernizing their application deployment processes going forward. Because of the School of Mines participation in the TIER Campus Success Program, Internet2 Grouper and Evolveum midPoint were chosen as the target deployments of this work.
March, 2018 In our previous blog we introduced using AWS Lambda functions for simple REST services. Today, we are going to show how to secure access to your REST endpoints, using Lambda and API Gateway. Securing your services is critical before you allow your REST endpoints to be available on the public Internet. Unsecured endpoints can cause significant problems, including uncontrolled costs, incorrect data, and exposing private data. This post will show one approach to securing your Lambda REST services.
February, 2018 What are Microservices? Introduction The term "microservices" appears in many technology journals these days. This blog addresses common questions including: "What are microservices, and more importantly, how are they a better solution than what's already out there? Also, if microservices are so great, how easy is it to develop microservices?"