Cloud Services (2)

June, 2017 AWS Lambda is a paradigm shift for constructing our web applications. Lambda enables us to run code without having to run and maintain a server. Unfortunately, paradigm shifts are always difficult to adapt to. Going through real examples helps tremendously with learning Lambda. This short blog will bring up a Hello World Lambda. We will also show a small bit of configuration in API Gateway.
June, 2017 A common task I run into with clients is setting up the scaling policies for an ECS Cluster. Users typically understand the concept of auto-scaling in AWS, but when it comes to an ECS cluster there are two things to consider when scaling.
February, 2017 In just a few years, we have seen acceptance of public cloud shift fairly dramatically from concern and skepticism to eagerly embracing the opportunities afforded. Five years ago, many of our hosted clients wanted to know that Unicon (and indirectly, they) had physical control of the data, servers, and other infrastructure.