Applications, Integration, and Data (3)

May, 2020 In a recent visit to my Mom’s house delivering groceries, I noticed a school bus parked outside the neighborhood community center.
April, 2020 In today’s technology landscape, the Cloud is something that everyone is thinking about, and the benefits of migrating to the Cloud are widely known. The limiting factor for planning a cloud migration tends to be not knowing *where* to start your cloud journey once you accept the fact that you *should* start the journey.
April, 2020 We understand the unique situation the world is in today and can only imagine the various challenges higher education institutions, school districts, and the technology vendors who support them are facing. We are here to help and want to pass along several important updates related to LTI.
March, 2020 The Cloud is here to stay, and many organizations already have applications or websites in the Cloud, or at least some SaaS subscriptions. As the features and services available from cloud providers have increased, the decision making around how to move forward and enhance your current offerings or even
March, 2020 The quarterly IMS meetings typically combine organization workgroups and meetings with a technology summit. The most recent IMS meeting in Atlanta was particularly interesting for me because the summit was on Digital Credentials, which is an area that I have recently started learning more about.
February, 2020 Was it worth it? Finally, after months of effort, your course is complete and ready to be published. Once the high-fives have finished you may wonder what is next. Evaluating the effectiveness of a course is an essential part of a course life cycle.
February, 2020 Chrome version 80 was released Tuesday, February 4th, 2020. In an effort to improve security and privacy across the web, this new version contains updates to its cookie handling that may break LTI tool launches if the tool is embedded in a tool platform’s page. The update was not included with the original release, but will be rolled out using a phased approach starting February 18, 2020.
February, 2020 In my 20 years in consulting, I’ve worked with a lot of clients in the start-up stage of a project. In fact, about 15 years ago, a colleague and I developed a methodology for Implementation Planning - a methodical approach to starting a new technology endeavor, complete with defined goals and success metrics and getting stakeholders in the room - that we still use today here at Unicon.
December, 2019 The quarterly openEQUELLA Open Source Support (OSS) Briefing is an opportunity to share the contributions performed by Unicon on behalf of the OSS program, highlight Unicon's perspective on contributions, share happenings in the community, and describe opportunities to engage further with Unicon.
December, 2019 The IMS Analytics Summit was held last month, hosted by Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. The event itself was attended by close to 150 people.