April, 2022 Right now, the Ed-Fi Data Standard has been adopted by 14 states, and its growing popularity speaks for itself. It provides a set of rules for the collection, management, and organization of educational data that allows multiple systems to share their information in a seamless, actionable way.
April, 2022 Create a Quality Experience That Instills Confidence, Builds Trust, and Creates a Lasting Relationship
March, 2022 IMS Global recently held its annual Digital Credentials Summit in Atlanta, pulling together thought leaders in education, workforce development, and education technology to talk and share about new ways of articulating learning results and outcomes, moving beyond traditional grades and transcripts.
March, 2022 At the peak of the 1980s pop culture boom, a new idea was emerging in the field of computer science. The idea of a single storage location for business data came from IBM™ researchers Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy, who proposed the concept of the data warehouse. The purpose of this storage was to improve the ability of businesses to make data-grounded decisions.
February, 2022 “Digital credentials” has come to be a bit of an umbrella term encompassing everything from badges to competency-based education to comprehensive learner records, and conversations on the topic can grow to include not just new ways to articulate learning but corollary topics such as education-to-workforce and supporting technologies like blockchain, verifiable credentials, and self-sovereign ID.
February, 2022 One interesting and unforeseen result of the global health crisis is that both individuals and corporations alike are finding the need to take a pause. This pause provides a moment to re-evaluate not only where we are, but also where we want to go. For me, the pandemic has allowed me to take a step back and take stock in both my personal life and professional career. In my personal life, I have been asking myself the following questions:
January, 2022 Is your organization using open source applications such as CAS, Shibboleth, Grouper, midPoint or uPortal? Educational institutions use open source software as an alternative to proprietary software for the superior control, choices, and the economics that it provides.
November, 2021 A few years into my career at Unicon, I attended an LMS conference and found myself to be one of the few vendors in the room amongst faculty and staff. I sat in a session about LMS administration, a fairly benign topic, that turned into a lively debate about how and where to use vendors to help get LMS work done.
November, 2021 In his 2017 book “The Inevitable,” Kevin Kelly states that technology is in a perpetual state of “becoming.” That is, technology is never finished or done - it is just a series of changes. I see this concept of “becoming” in the current data landscape.
October, 2021 After what has seemed like an eternity, it feels great to be planning to attend EDUCAUSE in person! While we have managed to stay current with colleagues through virtual gatherings over the past 2 years, nothing beats being in the same room (with masks on, of course!) ;-)The agenda this year is filled with relevant and timely topics ranging from Cybersecurity and Privacy to Innovation and Emerging Technology. The conference is hybrid, meaning there will be sessions available for virtual attendees as well as in-person ones. The conference web site seems well designed, and there are lots of opportunities to interact online, including a trivia game over zoom!