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Getting Ready for Back to School - Fall 2023

From a technology perspective, “back to school” means a surge on your infrastructure. If everything goes well, students and staff will be able to move seamlessly and successfully through their day. If not, it takes a tremendous toll on the teaching and learning process.

Students are logging into classes using new tools and technologies that are interfacing with SISs and LMSs. Identity and security processes are in constant motion. The focus on a smooth start to the school year is top of mind at every level of administration.

Central IT can’t just cross their fingers in hopes of a smooth start. Technical hiccups and delays can severely impact student engagement, after all. And with the heightened focus on student persistence and completion, there is no appetite for technology barriers.

Unicon has supported clients through the back-to-school process for more than 30 years. Through those experiences, we’ve created a  set of “best practice” recommendations and procedures to mitigate technology hiccups before they happen, and quickly rectify them when they do. This means a full account of people, processes, applications, and infrastructure.

For more details, download our Back-to-School Checklist.

Feel free to contact Unicon if you have any questions or want help evaluating your back-to-school readiness. 

Make it a great year!

Kenna Ose

Kenna Ose

Vice President, Market Development
As Vice President, Market Development, Ose is part of the Executive Leadership Team and looks to further Unicon’s presence in the education technology market. Ose will lead the Business Development and Marketing organizations and champion Unicon’s role as a trusted advisor to senior K-12, Higher Education, and Industry leaders challenged with supporting an optimized infrastructure for teaching and learning.

Throughout her career, Ose has developed teams and strategies to move organizations toward future growth based on market trends and strategic restructuring. Ose has been focused on the impact of industry on higher education and has worked to create employability strategies that bring academia and industry together to support the changing demographics in K-12 and Higher Education, specifically the need for skilling and skills gap solutions across the industry.