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Unlocking the Potential of Outsourcing: The Power of Domain Expertise

Making the choice to outsource critical technology services is no small feat. In a world where efficiency is key, and technology advances faster than we can keep up, the decision can feel daunting. As someone with over 30 years of experience in the EdTech market, I've seen both the successes and challenges that come with outsourcing.

When it works, it's incredible; when it doesn't, the consequences can be tough to handle. Colleagues often discuss outsourcing - its costs, value, and what they wish they could outsource. They face the dilemma of settling for mediocrity over quality, putting their reputations on the line, and trusting the process.

One crucial aspect often overlooked is the depth of expertise required. Domain experience is more than just a buzzword; it can make a significant difference in the outcome. Technology skills are assumed to be present, but the real differentiator lies in domain expertise in education, learning design, student engagement, and thought leadership.

Domain experience.  Sounded like the Marketing team pushed that on my talk track a few years ago. I was wrong. It makes a huge difference and in most cases, I’m glad I take that for granted.  Of course I have domain knowledge. How could I do what I do if I didn’t?  How could our engineers and our developers and our project managers and our sales/marketing teams not have domain knowledge?  And yes, of course we have the technology skills. I’ve long been impressed with the genuine skill set and constant curiosity to learn more and be better that is inherent in the “tech savvy” colleagues I work with.

So what’s my point?  The decision to outsource your technology needs, is a heavy decision, less on the technical side and more on the implication side.  Here’s the equation, and you need to solve it BEFORE you outsource, not afterward.

Exceeding Expectations + Reliability + Trusted Advisor + Communication + Fun = A+


Kenna Ose

Kenna Ose

Vice President, Market Development
As Vice President, Market Development, Ose is part of the Executive Leadership Team and looks to further Unicon’s presence in the education technology market. Ose will lead the Business Development and Marketing organizations and champion Unicon’s role as a trusted advisor to senior K-12, Higher Education, and Industry leaders challenged with supporting an optimized infrastructure for teaching and learning.

Throughout her career, Ose has developed teams and strategies to move organizations toward future growth based on market trends and strategic restructuring. Ose has been focused on the impact of industry on higher education and has worked to create employability strategies that bring academia and industry together to support the changing demographics in K-12 and Higher Education, specifically the need for skilling and skills gap solutions across the industry.