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Support for Open Source: Flexible and There When You Need It!

Is your organization using open source applications such as CAS, Shibboleth, Grouper, midPoint or uPortal? Educational institutions use open source software as an alternative to proprietary software for the superior control, choices, and the economics that it provides.

Implementing new features, enhancements, and integrations for open source applications can bring up issues that are tough to solve, and keeping up with community release schedules adds to the challenge. Our long-running Open Source Support Program is designed to assist with these hurdles. Subscribers gain access to a dedicated team of experts who provide assistance for your open source applications.

Here are some real life examples from a few of our Open Source Support subscribers.

An east coast client created a Unicon Open Source Support ticket describing their current experience which was a “site down outage with CAS, all users were denied service”.  A Unicon Identity Specialist responded with a recommendation on next steps, all within minutes of the ticket being created. The client implemented the Unicon recommended change and CAS was back up and working as expected within one hour of the issue being identified.

A university in Pennsylvania was having issues with a service provider related to the download of metadata. Unicon was able to provide a temporary fix that allowed for the service to continue at the university until the service provider was able to resolve their issue.

One of our clients from a large university on the west coast requested Unicon’s assistance in gathering details to allow for their extensively customized Shibboleth application to be upgraded. The client utilized their Open Source Support consulting assistance hours to allow Unicon to review their current Shibboleth deployment and provide an estimate of hours and next steps required to upgrade their Shibboleth application inclusive of a customization review. The Unicon Identity Specialist was able to assist and complete this task within one week of the request.

Let the Unicon team reduce your stress with unexpected issues, provide guidance and next steps with ongoing projects and ensure your open source applications are in working order. Our Identity and uPortal Specialists are available to help with your open source application needs.

If you’d like to learn more about how Unicon’s Open Source Support Program can help to realize your organization’s identity and uPortal implementation goals, please contact us.

Charise Arrowood

Charise Arrowood

Senior Director, Identity
Charise is a Senior Director at Unicon and has been with the company for 17 years. Her primary goals address security and access as she leads the Identity and Access Management Program for Unicon. Ms. Arrowood applies her experience from multiple industries in strategic planning, management, training, financial budgeting, and forecasting for Unicon’s IAM practice. She continues to build the identity business, and actively participates in open source communities. She is Unicon’s liaison for the Apereo Foundation, the InCommon Catalyst program, and Internet2.