Open Source Support

Professional Technical Support for Your Open Source Projects

Receive SLA-driven commercial support for Central Authentication Service (CAS), Grouper, midPoint, openEQUELLA, Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp, Student Success Plan (SSP), and uPortal via our Open Source Support (OSS) program. Your participation as a subscriber in the program includes on-going project development on your behalf within each project's respective open source community.

We offer a customizable program with direct access to a dedicated team of developers, consultants, and system administrators, each possessing deep experience in the community projects. From first contact, our subscribers receive responses from seasoned professionals. There are no support tiers to navigate to get to the person who can truly solve your problems.


Our OSS Briefings are periodically held to inform the public and community members of the development contributions the OSS team has made on behalf of clients and program subscribers. View recaps of previous briefings on our blog.