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Unicon IAM Update/Briefing - September 15, 2016

On September 15, Unicon’s IAM team had their a quarterly Open Source Support briefing. The host of the webinar was Charise Arrowood (Sr.Director, Identity & Access Management Services), and the presenters were Mike Grady (IAM Architect), Dmitriy Kopylenko (IAM Developer), and John Gasper (IAM Consultant) .

To view this presentation, check out the link to the slides below. Here are some highlights: Mike Grady presented on Shibboleth IdP and Shibboleth SP. He stated that the Shibboleth IdP v2 EOP (End-Of-Life) date was July 31, 2016, with v2.4.4 being the last minimum safe release. IdP v3.2.1 is now available with some great improvement like HTML5 local storage, SLO for SAML and CAS, SPNEGO authentication, and more. Service Provider v2.6.0 is now available. If you are not up-to-date, consider planing towards doing so before it becomes a problem. He also touched on topics like Symantec VIP MFA, Split Authn, and more. Dmitriy Kopylenko presented on CAS. He talked about CAS v4.2 features, CAS v5.0.0 release date and its major features, while John Gasper informed us about Grouper v2.3.0 features, including Unicon’s contributions including dockerized Internet2 Grouper that can get you up and running in no time, custom provisioning target form, LDAP provisioner and Azure AD (Office 365) provisioner support.

Each presenter shared information about the on-going contributions that Unicon has made on the respective projects. Check out the slides for more details.

Charise Arrowood

Charise Arrowood

Senior Director, IAM
Charise is a Senior Director at Unicon and has been with the company for 17 years. Her primary goals address security and access as she leads the Identity and Access Management Program for Unicon. Ms. Arrowood applies her experience from multiple industries in strategic planning, management, training, financial budgeting, and forecasting for Unicon’s IAM practice. She continues to build the identity business, and actively participates in open source communities. She is Unicon’s liaison for the Apereo Foundation, the InCommon Catalyst program, and Internet2.