Academic vs. Administrative Computing: Bridging the Gap - "Possible Solutions" (Article #3)

September, 2017 In the first two articles of this series, "Separate Evolution of Two Systems" and "The Impact of Data on Student Success," we focused on the disconnect between the two sides of campus computing, academic and administrative, examining the impact of the separate evolution of these systems on student success. One of the most significant impacts of these compartmentalized systems is the difficulty to put data together to see a holistic picture of the student. Today, there is increasing awareness that a holistic view of student performance, based on accurate data, can positively impact student success.

Trends Unpacked: Organizational Challenges and Learning Analytics (Part 4)

August, 2017 What organizational challenges have you identified at your institution in regards to implementing learning analytics? Do you wonder if they are they similar to those of other institutions? Do you worry that you are alone in facing those challenges? We are here to assure you that, not only are you not alone, but that those challenges can be overcome.

Academic vs. Administrative Computing: Bridging the Gap - "The Impact of Data on Student Success" (Article #2)

June, 2017 If academic (LMS) and administrative (SIS) systems can coexist, each serving their own unique purpose, what's wrong with having different systems at the end of the day? There is certainly a good reason to keep a separation of concerns - why, for example, should learning systems have to worry about keeping track of a student's financial record or incoming test scores? Conversely, why should a back-end student information system (SIS) invest in keeping tabs on the student's learning experience?

Trends Unpacked: Technical Challenges and Learning Analytics (Part 3)

May, 2017 How are you approaching a learning analytics implementation at your institution? Is the impression that it is mostly a technical implementation? Or is it mostly an organizational/cultural one? As we discuss in this installment of the "Trends Unpacked" series, it is actually both and it is important that your institution believes this as well.

Trends Unpacked: Organizational Challenges and Learning Analytics (Part 1)

March, 2017 I posted an article about the learning analytics readiness trends observed over the last year as I traveled to several UK HE (higher education) institutions with my colleague, Patrick Lynch from the University of Hull. Patrick and I are co-authoring a series of articles titled "Trends Unpacked." In this series, we will expand upon some of the trends discussed in the article, "Learning Analytics Adoption and Implementation Trends: Identifying Organizational and Technical Patterns".

Learning Analytics Adoption and Implementation Trends

March, 2017 Over the past year, I had the pleasure of traveling throughout the UK with a colleague, Patrick Lynch of the University of Hull, jointly conducting Readiness Assessments as part of Jisc's learning analytics project (see "Useful Reading" section below for more information). The institutions varied in student population and demographic representation, and were located across the UK.

Learning Analytics Adoption and Implementation Trends: Quantitative Analysis of Organizational and Technical Trends

June, 2016 For many institutions, the idea of beginning a learning analytics initiative may seem overwhelming and complex. There is often the perception that too much work needs to be done before any type of initiative can be explored. You might be surprised to learn that most institutions are already prepared for some type of learning analytics initiative. Whether your institution is ready to use student data and visualize it on a dashboard, or even pursue a small-scale pilot, the quantitative and qualitative analysis of organizational and technical trends supports an overall sense of institutional readiness for learning analytics.

Getting Started with Open Learning Analytics - Communication

October, 2015 This is the fourth and final installment of our Getting Started with Open Analytics article series. In this article we continue our discussion of how to get started with Open Learning Analytics. Here we discuss the communication component of the Learning Analytics Diamond.