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Performance and Scalability

Improving Performance and Scalability for Enterprise Applications

Performance and Scalability ServicesClients engage Unicon to improve the performance and scalability of their applications, increasing reliability.  The Unicon team has worked in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Cloud hosting architecture
  • Database design and tuning
  • Application server configuration
  • Development framework optimization
  • Caching strategies
  • Memory management
  • Run-time performance profiling
  • Load testing automation
  • Production instrumentation
  • Log analysis
  • Numerous fundamental application code performance improvement

One example is an innovative education technology company strived to deliver on a large, statewide contract they'd won to support struggling students. The company's new platform was experiencing usage that was many times higher than what their software architecture had been designed to handle.  Unicon was engaged to rapidly improve performance and scalability for them. The Unicon team made significant improvements and stabilized the situation. Over the next few months, Unicon evolved the platform so that it could easily service all the traffic expected, as students prepared for standardized testing.  

Another example is a mid-tier text book publisher who relied upon Unicon to provide application performance and scalability consulting over a 5 year period. Those services spanned the system's life-cycle from content and assessment data structures, to the tuning of production servers.  Special attention to database transaction rates and Java memory management was required to deliver the response times required by the client. Significant rework of the application, the database schema, and production environments resulted in significant performance improvements, savings in production costs, and increased end-user satisfaction.

These are just a couple of examples in which Unicon has been enlisted to increase application reliability by improving performance and scalability. Clients count on Unicon’s team of experts to improve the reliability and performance of applications.