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Build, Install, & Run uPortal 4.0.0


This is a a reboot of Cris Holdorph's excellent series of articles on installing earlier versions of uPortal. It includes step-by-step instructions for deploying uPortal and all its dependencies. As you might imagine, several things have changed since the last release of uPortal 3 (version 3.2.4).

Update 2012/11/28

This article was updated for uPortal 4.0.8.



Avoiding the Iron Triangle

Many software development projects run afoul of the "Iron Triangle" of project management: the interrelated constraints of Scope, Schedule, and Resources. Simplistically, a change in any one of these constraints has a necessary effect on either one or both of the other two. If the three constraints are out of balance with each other at the beginning of the project, then one or more of them must change/break or the resulting quality of the project is destroyed by artificially meeting the constraints by cutting corners.

Iron Triangle