Enterprise Portals

Responsive, Cloud-Friendly Portals for Your Enterprise

Enterprise portals boast three major features: aggregation, personalization, and access control. These features allow for flexible, extensible portals that meet the unique needs of many different industries. In education, enterprise portals aggregate and deliver campus services according to roles that you define. This leads to highly personalized digital experiences for students, faculty, and staff.

Make the most of your campus portal by integrating it with your learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS). Unicon employs a standards-first approach in helping our clients define their portal needs and is the industry leader in providing support for open source enterprise portal solutions (e.g. uPortal).

Below are the services Unicon providers for our Portal clients.

Enterprise and Open Source (uPortal) Portal Services

Implementation Planning

The success of any project starts with identifying the goals and decisions that need to be made through each step of the project's life cycle.


Our technology consultants work alongside your staff to help you solve your Portal challenges. Your team has a trusted portal expert to provide coaching and guidance as your development progresses.

Implementation / Upgrades

Unicon can augment your team or take over the implementation/upgrade process. Let Unicon install, configure, and upgrade your portal so staff can spend time driving adoption.

Product Development

Unicon can assume ownership of your portal projects or augment your teams to complete your portal development.


Unicon offers services for branding and styling your portal implementation to match your institutional look and feel. The portal, as an entry point, should look familiar and provide a seamless experience to all other applications internally.

Systems Integration

Enable easy integration with authentication, security infrastructures, and organizational applications. The portal as an entry point should look familiar and provide a seamless internal experience to all other applications.

Open Source Enterprise Portal for Higher Education

Open source software is often adopted because it addresses the same needs of proprietary software, but without the expensive licensing fees. Our team of portal experts provide consulting and digital capabilities for uPortal, the only open source enterprise portal built by and for higher education.