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54363123_l From 123RFUnicon has extensive domain expertise in implementing data and analytics solutions for education and EdTech partners to promote data-informed decisions that support student learning. Unicon focuses on meeting our clients where they are at in their data journey to help them optimize their solutions. We take clients from a state of “We have data” to “We are using data to make informed decisions.”

Unicon understands the complexity of handling disparate and inconsistent data generated across the educational ecosystem. We help you apply data and analytics best practices that enhance the impact your organization has on learners

Transforming data into a valuable asset is a complex process that can span multiple technologies, tools, and environments. We help customers extract, load, and transform data while providing uniform data governance that ensures rapid insights at a lower cost of ownership. Whether through custom visualizations, transitioning to the modern data stack, or integration with your business intelligence solutions, your data will then be turned into meaningful analytics that answer your most critical business questions and key performance metrics. As a trusted partner, Unicon produces scalable solutions while facilitating self-service data access to analysts and decision-makers.

Unicon works with our clients to solve their data infrastructure and analytics challenges by providing knowledge that enables them to maintain and extend their systems into the future. Let’s talk about how we can connect the pieces of your data and analytics strategy and pave a foundation for future growth.

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