Learning Content

Rich Content for Innovative Digital Learning Experiences

We collaborate with online education providers to develop course content for innovative and rich educational experiences. You can rely on our extensive experience in developing supplemental resources and content including animations, simulations, job aids, technical labs, and instructor guides. Our expertise ranges from highly specialized areas such as networking and nursing, to broader areas including content development for marketing training for small-to-medium businesses and agencies.

Capabilities for Content Lifecycle

Our capabilities support your digital enablement strategy for online education content. We focus on a modular instructional approach to enable digital strategy, rich content development, and quality control and effectiveness modeling.

Instructional Design

Create training materials using effective learning strategies for eLearning, instructor led and blended models. We work with your subject matter experts to build the most optimal training you own and control.

Curriculum Design

Build learning objectives and assets outlined for the curriculum utilizing accessibility and responsive design principles, focusing on student and instructor experiences. We will work to create unique interactions that enable evidence based learning.


Formative and Summative assessments that work hand in hand to help progress with the goal of providing both the creators and learners rich feedback and diagnostic data to enable better student outcomes and course designs.


We work with translation providers to translate your curriculum and provide a seamless experience end-to-end.


Gather data patterns around course and assessment usage; responses and time to build effectiveness metrics for courses. We help organizations visualize and interpret data that can better inform student learning and improved course designs.


Provide an agile development framework with quality engineering practices to create content more efficiently and predictably.

Formative and Summative Assessment

Clients rely on our experience gained from a long history of designing and constructing adaptive, secure assessment delivery engines to administer assessments that provide measures of program and course effectiveness.

Content Delivery

openEQUELLA is an open source web-based digital repository that provides one central location for the delivery of a diverse range of content. Contact us about our capabilities for openEQUELLA.