Identity and Access Management

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Unicon's identity team focuses on the goal of enabling secure access from anywhere, directly to the resources the learner needs, personalized for the learner. Our team takes a holistic and thorough approach to your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. We analyze the current state, issues, and goals to provide guidance on best practice next steps, resulting in a well-oiled IAM system that's ready for your future.

Our IAM Team is knowledgeable on the full Identity and Access Management workflow and associated tools. We have a clear understanding of what an institution faces with Identity needs, along with common issues and misunderstandings. We pride ourselves in helping not only to resolve issues at hand and give a comprehensive roadmap for the future, but in collaborating with our clients to share knowledge and increase confidence onsite.

Our engagement with Unicon, and specifically Misagh, went very smoothly and we were able to accomplish a lot more than we imagined with the project.

-Chris Durham, Software Product Manager/Owner, Pearson Education

InCommon Catalyst TwitterUnicon is an inaugural InCommon® Catalyst member, earned through our active participation in the collaborative betterment of education technology. With InCommon’s integrated service and software solutions, we are providing enhanced security, single sign-on, access to cloud and local services, and user experiences for our clients. We have a complete set of IAM services to help your organization achieve success for all of InCommon’s Trusted Access Platform applications including Shibboleth, Grouper, MidPoint, and COmanage, as well as Open Source Support.


Take advantage of NAVIGATE by Unicon, a fully hosted and managed cloud-based identity solution for ITAP applications. Gain a seamless and secure platform for open source IAM apps in the cloud that supports and protects your digital touchpoints no matter where you’re at in developing your IAM infrastructure. NAVIGATE customizes service to meet your needs and ensures a low-maintenance and cost-effective way to ensure safe and swift access for faculty and learners. Get the datasheet now.

 IAM Services

Foundational Services
IAM General Consulting
  • WebSSO & MFA
  • CAS Consulting and Training
  • ITAP Consulting
  • Provisioning
  • Federation
  • Groups Management
  • UI/UX Consulting & Implementation
Identity Hosted Services
Consulting and Implementation for the InCommon Trusted Access Platform
  • Shibboleth
  • midPoint
  • Grouper
  • COmanage