Identity and Access Management

Secure Collaboration for On-Premise and Cloud Environments

Cybersecurity is crucial in today's world, where a single security breach profoundly affects many lives and your institution or corporation's reputation. In addition, your faculty, students, staff, employees, and/or customers expect a safe digital environment for collaboration.

A secure environment for collaboration requires identity and access management (IAM) components including web single sign-on, federated identity, enterprise access management, along with identity provisioning and automation. Institutions and corporations use IAM to authenticate constituents and employees to internal applications, often times extending IAM applications to solidify collaboration between EdTech providers, customers, and partners.

Capabilities for Identity and Access Management

Our experienced team of IAM Consultants provides the following capabilities to help you protect your users and the integrity of your data:

IAM Assessment

Determine and prioritize the conditions and needs required on your campus

Configuration and Integration

Unicon has implemented IAM solutions for hundreds of educational institutions and organizations

Web Single Sign-On (WebSSO)

Securely connect your users to all applications, both in the cloud and behind the firewall

Federated WebSSO

Go beyond borders by extending single sign-on across applications to your providers, customers, and partners

Access and Groups Management

Enable an added layer of security in identifying whether a user has access to services or resources

Identity Registry, Provisioning and Password Management

Seamless management of identities across your enterprise

DevOps & IAM in the Cloud

Now is the time to streamline your deployment model