Establish Loyalty and Confidence with Customer Onboarding Support

Clients Leverage Unicon to Get New Users Acclimated in Their Systems and Applications

5-star-124223547_m-250The pace and level of ease your customers experience when integrating your solutions into their learning environments can make or break your relationship. The customer loyalty you cultivate during the onboarding process establishes how you are perceived by the customer and determines whether you receive their business again in the future.

Executing the onboarding experience can cause a strain on resources, especially with the added strain of tight quarterly deadlines that map to back-to-school registrations. Organizations may also be hesitant to allocate time and staff for this endeavor, as it detracts from the core development team and can delay product enhancements/updates that are planned.

Clients work with Unicon to achieve their implementation goals by accelerating how customers adopt their solutions. We extend your team by learning your processes and adding our proven expertise to formalize a reliable approach. This provides you the confidence to delegate the management of each implementation to Unicon, who delivers a consistent and dependable experience for your clients.

Unicon offers a range of services to help our clients seamlessly onboard your customers with the following onboarding services:

  • Training
  • Configuration
  • Last Mile Integration
  • Added Capacity
  • Evaluations