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Enterprise Portals

Across all industries, enterprise portals meet a variety of needs. In education, enterprise portals are used as the online campus. In business, an enterprise portal can be used to serve the needs of clients and for employee communication. With enterprise portals, organizations can target content at specific individuals with permissions and group access control. Enterprise portals function as horizontal integration platforms, and can be integrated with applications including learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS).

Enterprise portals ease complexity by providing a centralized platform for fresh, relevant information. There are open source options available that are usually implemented because they increase control, reduce cost, and provide a wide variety of choices. 

Enterprise portals are a single gateway for all users to find and access the breadth of applications and content provided by the enterprise. Portals have three major capabilities: aggregation, personalization, and access control. Portals consist of portlets that deliver content and information, such as announcements and other important communication.

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Unicon Services for Enterprise Portals

Unicon offers IT services and support for open source enterprise portal technologies, including uPortal. Clients enlist Unicon’s services to use these technologies to deliver exceptional online experiences, and to consolidate websites. Included in Unicon’s services are customization services to modify the solution to meet clients’ IT and business needs.

uPortal - Developed by higher education for higher education, uPortal's framework is one of the most widely used in the industry. uPortal is very scalable for enterprise deployments and is proven to scale over a million users.