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Systems Integration

Unicon's systems integration services connect disparate systems to form a scalable, reliable enterprise. This improved, streamlined enterprise results in accelerated solutions that meet business goals. With over 20 years of experience in integrating both open source and proprietary systems, clients can count on high-quality, high-performance results.

Unicon is focused on delivering quality outcomes and works with clients to understand their integration challenges. Unicon tackles challenges with transparency, experience, and expertise, yielding increased flexibility and reduced risk. Unicon's team of experts has handled hundreds of integrations, applying not only technological expertise but project management and program management skill sets.

Clients frequently engage Unicon’s domain expertise in identity and access management, education technology, portals and mobile computing, among others, to assist in solving integration challenges. Unicon can also develop or adapt solutions while leveraging industry standards for data and APIs.

For example, the standards body IMS Global Learning Consortium has developed the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specification. Unicon integrates popular learning management systems with learning applications using LTI. The goal of LTI is to provide a standard framework for integrating learning applications into the educational environment in a repeatable, scalable, simple way.  

Unicon applies the skills and experience of its open source professionals, including systems integration consultants, to:

  • Design, build, and operate strategic integration programs
  • Design, build, and operate on-boarding and support programs for ecosystems of integration partners (internal and external to client)
  • Consult learning application teams and LMS vendors on repeatable integration mechanisms
  • Design and build integrations to launch ecommerce workflows from various learning management systems
  • Design and implement custom assessment systems to achieve global redesign of online learning environments
  • Develop custom LTI components, such as Moodle blocks and Sakai tools
  • Extend the LTI specification to enable better integrations where the standard did not fully meet the client’s needs

Check out Get to Know LTI® Advantage video, an easy to understand narrative for organizations who want to keep up with the latest features in the IMS standards and provide secure services to all their customers.

The Unicon team includes Project Managers; Business Analysts; Software Architects; User Experience Designers; Software Developers (Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3); Quality Assurance Engineers; Systems Administrators; Database Administrators; and security experts. These competencies provide the guidance necessary to meet the unique needs of institutions and organizations.

Unicon’s systems integration services help organizations meet business goals, while complementing existing systems to drive business value.

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