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Strategic Planning / Readiness Assessment for Learning Analytics

Institutions are at different stages of the learning analytics journey; while some may have infrastructure and processes in place, others may be unsure of where to start or how to use the data produced by their current systems. Strategic planning for learning analytics involves collaboration between an institution and a trusted advisor to determine institutional readiness and next steps.

Determine Institutional Readiness and Goals

Unicon offers a Strategic Planning consulting service to guide institutions to make informed decisions based on their learning analytics readiness and goals.

Consulting Session: Strategic planning for learning analytics begins with a consulting session to review the client’s tech portfolio, identify the client team, and determine the vision/goals of the project.


Assess Organizational and Technical Readiness: The Readiness Assessment process is a collaborative effort designed to be conducted onsite with a variety of key stakeholders across the institution. Typically, the onsite visit is two days long and consists of larger-scale meetings involving several departments, smaller-scale meetings including focus groups, along with one on-one meetings with individuals. Overall assessment of institutional readiness for learning analytics is based on six criteria: Data Management/Security, Culture, Investment/Resources, Policies, Technical Infrastructure, and Institutional Research (IR) Involvement.

Client Enablement: Unicon provides clients with a comprehensive report to transfer knowledge of organizational and technical trends impacting readiness. Report deliverables include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Institutional Contributors/Key Stakeholders
  • Institutional Details
  • Institutional Learning Analytics Organizational and Technical Goals
  • Organizational Readiness Recommendations
  • Technical Readiness Recommendations
  • Overall comments/recommendations
  • Unicon/institution next steps
    • Roadmap planning
  • Technical Readiness Detailed Notes
    • Recap of onsite activities
    • Infrastructure, resource support
    • Readiness Assessment Matrix – Technical
  • Organizational Challenges Detailed Notes
    • Recap of onsite activities
    • Organizational benefits for institution, staff and students
    • Readiness Assessment Matrix – Organizational
    • Resource support

Continue the Learning Analytics Journey with Confidence

The steps outlined above consist of identifying existing systems/applications in order to strategically plan for learning analytics by assessing readiness via organizational and technical trends. Throughout a  two-day onsite visit, Unicon assesses how ready institutions are for learning analytics based on Data Management/Security, Culture, Investment/Resources, Policies, Technical Infrastructure, and IR (institutional research) Involvement. After the onsite visit, clients receive a fully comprehensive report containing observations, direct feedback from participants (in an anonymous manner, collected as quotes without assignments of individual names), both qualitative and quantitative measures, along with recommendations of next steps to enable clients to continue the learning analytics journey with confidence.


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"The two days created a dedicated time and focus for staff from across the University to discuss their ideas and perceptions of Learning Analytics and, most importantly, to establish a common vision."

- Southampton Solent University

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