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LA Quick Start

Institutions are searching for ways to improve student success by using data from learning analytics. However, senior leadership is facing difficulty in getting learning analytics initiatives off the ground. Unicon has been conducting large-scale learning analytics projects (including pilots) for the past several years, and has identified ways for institutions to get started with low investment and no vendor lock-in. LA Quick Start is a service enabling institutions to begin the learning analytics journey using a sensible system of best practices for initiating a solid learning analytics foundation.

Begin the Learning Analytics Journey with Confidence

LA Quick Start is a service for learning analytics that provides a guided path and the technology clients need to start the learning analytics journey. It includes basic services and fundamental applications for data storage, visualizations, and security for a strong foundation.

Proven System of Best Practices

Start the learning analytics journey by collaborating with an expert resource to build a solid foundation, getting conversations started across various groups on campus, and acquiring the expertise for future expansion of the learning analytics environment. Prior to starting the four-step process below, Unicon professionals will conduct a Discovery session with the client to determine overall vision and goals for the client’s learning analytics initiative.


Strategic Planning / Readiness Assessment
This initial step consists of identifying existing systems/applications in order to strategically plan for learning analytics by assessing readiness via organizational and technical aspects. It includes a two-day onsite visit, during which Unicon assesses how ready institutions are for learning analytics based on six criteria: Data Management/Security, Culture, Investment/Resources, Policies, Technical Infrastructure, and IR (institutional research) Involvement.


Establish Learning Analytics Foundation
Unicon works with the client to build a strong foundation.
  • Install and configure integrated foundational components to collect and store activity data
    • Identify necessary processes or scripts needed to load learner activity data from the LMS
    • Establish infrastructure for Learning Record Warehouse (LRW) and dashboard Framework
  • Utilize open standards to minimize lock-in and enable future expansion


Connect an App
Deployment of the application (selected by the client and deployed with client-approved security controls derived from Unicon's risk-based recommendations). Deployment includes migration to the AWS Cloud through replication of an on-premise application to the cloud without redesign. Optimization and managed services are optional.
  • Data integration
    • Gather app data and bring it into the LRW via xAPI and Caliper
  • Visualization of student activity data in a dashboard (Student Pulse)*
    • Views include:
      • Class level view of student participation
      • Student participation for a course over time
      • Student detail – filter by activity
    • Systems integration
      • Visualizations available inside the LMS via LTI*

    *Dependent on selecting an LMS


Client Enablement
Following the establishment of a strong learning analytics foundation and the connection of an initial app, foundation operations are transitioned to the client. This includes a comprehensive report with operation documentation on the infrastructure, recommendations for future goals, and a planning template for repeatability of the process. The end goal is to enable the client and their team to confidently plan for additional projects and/or a full-scale solution.

Reduce Complexity and Launch a Learning Analytics Initiative

The steps outlined above provide a repeatable, efficient four-step process that keeps clients in control of their infrastructure and plans for future expansion. These steps ease the complexity of launching a learning analytics initiative, giving clients confidence as an experienced resource guides them down the path to success.

Visualize Data, Identify Patterns, and Gain Insight with the Student Pulse

When clients connect an LMS to a Learning Record Warehouse (LRW), they have the advantage of gaining insight into student activity data shown as visualizations via the dashboard framework. Visualizations allow institutions to determine factors including which students are not engaged; what time of the day are students accessing the LMS; which days of the week are students most active; and whether or not students opened the resources and materials for a given assignment. Instructors can also send personalized messages to students right from the dashboard.

Click the images below to view the different types of visualizations available with LA Quick Start and an LMS.


Class level view of overall student participation

Student participation (logins, pageviews, discussion forum posts, submissions) for a course over time including optional risk score, grade and composite activity score (week by week view)

Student Detail - Filter by Activity (Last 30 Days)

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