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Strong Integration for Learning Analytics Technology

Systems Integration and Data Integration

Unicon specializes in the integration of various disparate applications, within a learning analytics environment, into one unified solution through systems integration services. Data integration combines and enhances the data generated within these various applications, allowing for more meaningful quality analysis. Unicon can integrate one application with another, or provide integration services to holistically connect all applications in a learning analytics environment. Unicon offers services for both systems integration and data integration.

Integrating Learning Analytics Applications

Systems integration services connect applications in the learning analytics environment. For example, these services connect predictive model (learning data analysis) and student intervention technology (e.g. Student Success Plan).

Open Standards

Systems integration services for learning analytics employ these open standards:

  • IMS Caliper
  • IMS LIS / OneRoster
  • xAPI

Integration of Data Between Learning Analytics Applications

Data integration services combine data that resides in various unrelated applications, including:

  • Learning activities collection (e.g. LMS, CMS) and learning record storage (e.g. OpenLRW)
  • Learning record storage and learning data analysis (e.g. predictive models)
  • Summary and results communication (e.g. dashboards) and learning activities collection