June, 2019 Unicon is investing in ways of assisting instructors in the classroom and employing analysis of content and assessment relationships to inform instruction. With that goal in mind, described below is an effort to develop a model to evaluate mastery of a topic and to make content and/or learning activity recommendations based on past student performance.
May, 2019 Shibboleth is a widely adopted federated identity solution that provides web single sign-on authentication services both within organizations and across organizational boundaries.
May, 2019 The quarterly openEQUELLA Open Source Support (OSS) Briefing is an opportunity to share the contributions performed on behalf of the OSS program, highlight Unicon's perspective on contributions, share happenings in the community, and describe opportunities to engage further with Unicon.
April, 2019 This is the second entry of the ECS Scaling blog that covers how to properly scale the EC2 cluster of instances that are running your ECS Tasks. When I wrote the first entry, ECS Auto Scaling, I discussed how to scale
April, 2019 Adding Custom Code to uPortal-start Previously in this series, we covered suggestions on how to write customizations for uPortal 5 using Decorator and Strategy patterns. Here, our last post, we cover how to add such custom classes to your uPortal-start repo.
April, 2019 Strategy Pattern In our previous post in the series, we touched on some basics of Spring Framework and gave a real example of using the Decorator pattern to customize uPortal 5. In this post we continue our journey of leveraging design patterns for uPortal 5 customization.
April, 2019 Decorator Pattern In our previous post, we covered the motivation for using design patterns to limit custom code changes in uPortal 5
March, 2019 Decorator and Strategy Patterns Motivation Release 5.0 of uPortal brought major changes to tooling, deployment, and split the uPortal repo in two. While there were several other changes, like renaming all the packages from org.jasig to org.apereo, the tooling, deployment and repo changes
March, 2019 Takeaways From The Most Recent IMS Meeting & Digital Credentials Summit The most recent IMS quarterly meeting was held last month in Tempe, AZ, hosted by ASU. We had meetings at Skysong, with IMS's Digital Credentials Summit taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Typically, IMS organizes a summit on a trending and impactful topic, with surrounding days allocated to face-to-face meetings for IMS member project groups, task forces, and specification workgroups.
January, 2019 This is the third post in a three part series. In the first part, which was posted more than a year and a half ago, I described Unicon's IAM Docker images. In the second post, I listed the Internet2 TIER program's Docker images. In this, the final post, I discuss the pros and cons of the various versions of the images.