August, 2020 Getting Things Where You Need Them To Be As we have worked with organizations to support their learning requirements during recent months, we have found several
June, 2020 THE CHALLENGE The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt by all sectors of society.  Since Unicon is focused on education, we reviewed a number of surveys given to K-12 and higher education institutions that all provided helpful and informative perspectives from teachers, students, and administrators.
May, 2020 So your newly remote workforce is now just your workforce - but it’s still remote. As we pass from the initial COVID-19 scramble to get our teams up and running safely and securely from their homes, we all find ourselves moving into a new phase. For the project managers among us, we’ve transitioned from the Initiation Phase of this All-Remote, All-the-Time project to the Execution Phase.
March, 2020 Top 10 Toolkit When you need to make good decisions quickly, Unicon can support the learner, the leader, and the institution.
March, 2020 While Unicon has had remote employees and employee telecommuting policies in place for years, the onset of the COVID-19 virus and the associated social distancing recommendations have forced many of our clients into the sudden adoption of a remote workforce.
October, 2019 At Unicon, a common challenge that we hear about is this: “We have lots of data everywhere, but we want a way to bring the data into one place so that we can analyze it and use it to ‘see’ how we are doing, possibly to spot trends and ultimately to inform decision making.”
May, 2019 Background and Overview In my previous article, AWS Lex Chatbot in the Classroom, I began exploring how to incorporate machine learning (ML) in the classroom. The myriad technologies and frameworks provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) made it fairly simple to wire together processes and allowed me to focus on using the truly unique and valuable aspects of the chatbot to create a digital assistant that could provide definitions and a list of related terms in response to a student question.
April, 2019 Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium. It allows instructors and students to launch courseware and learning tools
March, 2019 Background and Overview Many current web applications provide some form of automated help and support for their customers. The value of this is two-fold. By providing an intuitive and high quality automated system, customers can self-serve many common questions without needing to wait for a person to provide the answers. 
October, 2017 A new era in the story of Apereo uPortal is dawning: the era of uPortal 5. This new chapter brings many profound changes to uPortal. From my perspective, this new major version (version 5) is significantly more different from its precursor (version 4) than version 4 was from version 3. In fact, I would say this change (from 4 to 5) is more significant than any new major version since version 2.