"Deploying the TIER Grouper Image" - Video Series Now Available

This video series features Unicon's John Gasper, Identity and Access Management (IAM) Consultant, as he walks viewers through setting up a simple Docker Swarm environment to host Grouper Services based on the Internet2® TIER (Trust and Identity in Education and Research program) Grouper Docker image.

TIER logoViewers will learn how to use the TIER Grouper Docker image to build an organization-base image that contains files common to all of the Grouper components; build customized images and create Docker Swarm services for the Grouper Daemon, Grouper UI, and Grouper WS; and explore additional topics that may be of interest when deploying the TIER Grouper Docker image.

The TIER Grouper Docker Image can be found at https://hub.docker.com/r/tier/grouper/. Source for the example project can be found at https://github.com/Unicon/tier-grouper-deployment.

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