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Validating CAS tickets w/ HTTPS-Enabled Tomcat

So, attached is a quick dirty script I wrote to see if I can connect to an Apache Tomcat instance over HTTPS. This may be useful in the context of a CAS server deployment where ticket validation may fail as a result of an SSL certificate being absent or misconfigured in the keystore. 

Using the script, you can validate that HTTPS is enabled and functional quickly without going though Tomcat's  startup/shutdown process. Simply change the URL address, recompile and test. 


Shibboleth IdP Install, Apache Tomcat binding on port 443

If you, like me, are going through a Shibboleth IdP install on a Windows 7 machine, after having configured all the necessary elements you may encounter an Apache Tomcat error that complains it can't bind on port 443. 

To diagnose the problem, I ran:

netstat -o -n -a

The output revealed that the process listening on port 443 is has the system id 4, which Task Manager further explained was "NT Kernel & System". 

New Groups and Permissions Implementation for uPortal

A couple weeks ago (March 17 - 21), I spent a very satisfying and productive week working at Johns Hopkins University. Chris Doyle and I spent the bulk of it developing something I consider to be a real gem: an implementation of uPortal's Groups and Permissions (GaP) API that discovers groups maintained in an LDAP directory and makes them available for use in the portal. You can find a more complete description of this technology, its features, and configuration at this wiki page.