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CAS Configuration Review

I was helping with a CAS upgrade to CAS 3.5.1 the other day, in the course of which I reviewed the configuration. This blog post begins a series of posts about items in that and other CAS configuration reviews.

These posts won’t be the full report, and will be redacted to anonymize and generalize some of the recommendations.

Why do configuration reviews?

Reviewing CAS server configuration

Managing High Risk IT Incidents

Back to school is a harrowing time for almost anyone involved in delivering technology-based services in education. At this time of the year, Unicon often receives calls from business or IT leaders desperate for additional help in resolving a technology-related crisis. Unicon staff has extensive experience resolving application, performance, and infrastructure-related incidents. We have distilled a set of best practices for managing through high risk/high visibility IT incidents.

Validating CAS tickets w/ HTTPS-Enabled Tomcat

So, attached is a quick dirty script I wrote to see if I can connect to an Apache Tomcat instance over HTTPS. This may be useful in the context of a CAS server deployment where ticket validation may fail as a result of an SSL certificate being absent or misconfigured in the keystore. 

Using the script, you can validate that HTTPS is enabled and functional quickly without going though Tomcat's  startup/shutdown process. Simply change the URL address, recompile and test.