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Technology Due Diligence

Unicon is frequently engaged to conduct technology assessments for several purposes. The Unicon team can provide a variety of evaluation types, to help organizations in the decision-making process when acquiring new technologies or lines of business, or when they need a simple evaluation of how their current technology is functioning.

Architecture Review

An evaluation of current technology investigates the strength of an existing solution, evaluating the choice of technologies, appropriate use of frameworks and patterns, and how well the design considers and addresses functional and non-functional requirements. 

Organizational Maturity Assessment

Evaluation of developing technology focuses more on the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of an engineering and/or product development organization to establish a baseline against current best practices and to develop recommendations for improvement. 

Merger and Acquisition Technical Due Diligence

The goal of technical due diligence (TDD) is to identify how well an acquisition target's organization and technology assets meet the acquisition goals; inform the valuation process (what the acquirer will pay for the company or assets); and identify risks due to intellectual property issues, capability gaps in the technology assets and/or organization, and/or ability to support the go-forward business goals including post-acquisition integration of organization and assets.

The Unicon Difference

Unicon is uniquely able to provide insightful M&A TDD in education technology investments, more so than any other consulting organization. The combination of market knowledge, broad M&A experience, and technical depth is not found in other consulting or professional services organizations.

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