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Managed Services for Custom Applications

Unicon’s managed services are SLA-driven engagements that ensure critical IT services meet stakeholder reliability and availability needs, while achieving cost and staffing goals through experienced application expertise. Managed services are available for custom, open source, and/or proprietary applications.

Managed Services Overview

Unicon’s managed services adapt to meet variations in traffic, evolving with the changing business needs of clients and stakeholders to ensure cost-optimized operations. Managed services are comprised of both pro-active management and incident/ticket-based support. Pro-active management is applied to capacity planning, reliability/availability, and security posture of covered services. Also covered are the establishment of monitoring and instrumentation, incident response, and service desk requests.

Support Services

Unicon provides the following services to support custom applications:

  • Technical Support
    • Provide technical support for all issues related to the deployed application(s) and supporting infrastructure
  • Monitoring
    • Continuously monitor all managed environments to ensure that the deployed application and support infrastructure are functioning properly
  • Maintenance
    • Operating System and tech stack patching, backup/snapshot capture and retention, log rotation and retention
  • Security
    • Secure environment provisioning and hardening, security monitoring, vulnerability scanning and management

SLAs and Support

In the event of a failure to a monitored metric (Service Quality, Service Availability) or a manual trouble-ticket, Unicon will begin troubleshooting the incident according to established SLAs and severities with corresponding response metrics. Issues are classified in five severity levels, and addressed based on priority.


Clients are provided with a comprehensive security program comprised of monitoring, vulnerability management (including regular scanning), and incident response. Security aspects consist of a wide range of design practices and operational processes, including:

  • Securing administrative roles and users
  • Secure networking design and implementation
  • Deploying and monitoring intrusion detection
  • Implementing encryption as required to meet data security needs

Unicon’s managed services are delivered by a team comprised of experienced technology operations veterans. The ops team leadership has been delivering learning technologies since the early days of the web to millions of users every day, at a variety of the most well-known institutions and organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Hosting in the AWS Cloud

Unicon hosts open source, custom, and/or proprietary applications in the AWS Cloud. Unicon is an Advanced Consulting Partner and a Public Sector Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). Learn more about Unicon’s services for AWS.

Rely on Unicon’s managed services for on-premise or hosted applications