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Custom Application Hosting and Managed Services

Production operations of high-value and mission-critical IT applications can present challenges to any organization. Talent, resource, and budget constraints can tax IT departments attempting to sustain internally hosted and managed solutions. By adopting Unicon hosting and managed services, clients can keep their mission-critical operations running smoothly.

Hosting and Managed Services for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Cloud
Clients achieve time to market advantages, high levels of reliability and scalability, and demand-based sizing and costs when they take advantage of Unicon's AWS expertise. 

Unicon has staff certified in all current AWS certifications, including AWS Certified Professional level Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers. Experience in AWS services includes EC2, RDS, SES, EBS and S3; EMR, VPC, ECS, Redshift, Route53, Cloud Front, Elastic IP and Autoscale; Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, and others. This broad and deep experience ensures that services delivered on the AWS cloud fulfill reliability, availability, and security goals while meeting budget, staffing, and other objectives.

Unicon's hosting experience covers a broad range of education technologies, including:

  • Identity and access management
  • Learning management systems
  • Learning applications
  • Assessment
  • Learning analytics services and student success solutions
  • Custom-developed applications

Security and Privacy
Unicon designs and operates client AWS environments to deliver levels of security and privacy for even the most stringent of security requirements to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of applications and data.  Security aspects include a wide range of design practices and operational processes, including: deploying into AWS VPCs (virtual private cloud); segmenting layers using security groups and subnets; rigorous implementation of AWS IAM practices for privileged and administrative access; deploying intrusion detection; encryption as required; and a comprehensive security program with processes including security monitoring, vulnerability management (including regular scanning), security incident response, and other practices.

Management and Support
Unicon managed services are SLA-driven engagements that ensure that critical IT services meet stakeholder reliability and availability needs, achieve cost and staff goals, and ensure that experienced application expertise is standing behind those services. Managed services is comprised of both pro-active management along with incident and ticket-based support. Pro-active management is applied to capacity planning, reliability/availability, and security posture of covered services. Also covered are the establishment of monitoring and instrumentation as well as incident response, and service desk requests.

Unicon’s managed services and hosting solutions are delivered by a team comprised of experienced technology operations veterans. The ops team leadership has been delivering learning technologies since the early days of the web to millions of students every day, and to some of the most well-known institutions in the U.S. and around the world. Unicon has operated large scale learning solutions on AWS for over five years.

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