Unicon's enterprise solutions are designed to meet the technology needs of today's organizations. Unicon solutions incorporate open source and community source technologies to increase productivity while keeping development costs low. While Unicon supports specific open source projects, clients have the option of engaging Unicon to build any solution from the ground up.
Solve business challenges

Clients value Unicon's large-scale consulting firm professionalism and effective delivery of capabilities while enjoying the agility, personalized service, and relationships of a small company.Learn More

Reliable, Secure, and Innovative Cloud Environments

Achieve high levels of reliability and security in the AWS Cloud with Unicon. For clients just getting started, Unicon offers Jump Start for AWS (a cloud consulting service) to provide a guided path for the cloud journey.Learn More

Analyze data and improve outcomes

Utilize learning analytics data to promote student success in higher education instutions. Optimize the learning environment with Unicon’s Learning Analytics services.Learn More

Optimize security and performance
Meet stakeholder reliability and availability needs for critical IT services, while achieving cost and staffing goals through experienced application expertise. Managed services are available for custom, open source, and/or proprietary applications..Learn More
Solutions for the enterprise

Open source provides clients the superior control, choices, and the economics required to create a 'best-fit' solution based on the client's needs.Learn More

Maximize optimization

Let Unicon’s experts improve performance, scalability, and reliability of software and solutions to meet requirements set by the organization, ensuring maximum user satisfaction.Learn More

Talent and method

Clients have access to Unicon's experienced developers for assistance with IT requirements, design, agile development, testing, and maintenance.Learn More

Reliable, quality results

Organizations take advantage of Unicon’s extensive experience in integrating systems, both open source and proprietary. Unicon can develop or adapt solutions while leveraging industry standards for data and APIs.
Learn More

Expert guidance and unparalleled services

Unicon aligns the delivery of projects with the unique needs of the institution, supplying the training, support, and other services necessary to quickly deliver and maintain projects.
Learn More

Technology assessments and evaluations

Reduce unanticipated costs and comply with regulatory requirements with Unicon’s Technology Due Diligence services. Unicon conducts technology assessments and evaluations to meet a variety of business needs. Learn More

Recognize the human element

Unicon incorporates business goals and user needs into a visual design solution, building user interfaces that accomplish the design. Complex requirements are translated into personalized designs that are developed and deployed by Unicon’s user experience experts.Learn More

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