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Jump Start for AWS

Institutions and organizations that are new to Amazon Web Services (AWS) understand that getting started is a complex process, with a steep learning curve for establishing a secure and manageable foundation. Unicon offers Jump Start for AWS, a cloud consulting service, which eases this complexity by providing a guided path to start the cloud journey.

Gain the Confidence to Successfully Get Started with AWS

Unicon works with clients on the fundamental elements of a strong AWS foundation, including the migration of an initial workload or application. Relying on a trusted expert for support, clients acquire the experience for future cloud expansion.

Four Systematic Steps to Success

Jump start the cloud journey with a guided path. Gain operational experience, reduce the cost of physical infrastructure, and use the avenue of least resistance to successfully move to the AWS Cloud.


Discovery and Application Selection
Unicon professionals will conduct an assessment, working closely with the client to determine application selection, vision, and goals for migration. Activities include a review of the selected application and processes, a remote (or on-site*) meeting with stakeholders, along with other foundational work required to move into the next part of the project with confidence and efficiency (including knowledge transfer of foundational components and designation of final business case for application).

*An on-site visit may impact pricing of the Jump Start for AWS service


Establish AWS Foundation
Unicon will collaborate with clients to build a strong AWS Foundation.


    • Account Provisioning: Set up client account with AWS

      Establish Account
      Configures a secure, scalable, and well-governed AWS footprint to deploy workloads of widely varying complexity


    • Secure the Cloud Environment: Configure IAM and set up a security schema to secure the foundation

      AWS IAM
      Controls permissions, access to AWS resources, and services for users to securely control individual and group access to AWS resources. Create and manage user identities and grant permissions for users to access your resources


    • Configure a Solid AWS Foundation: Establish management with AWS Config, Amazon Cloud Watch, AWS CloudTrail, and security automation/policy enforcement

      AWS Config
      Provides an inventory of AWS resources and the ability to record configuration changes over time. This is an essential governance and security feature to enable


      Amazon CloudWatch
      Start off right by centralizing log collection and keep an eye on AWS, application, and OS activity


      AWS CloudTrail
      Provides a comprehensive history of the API calls in the AWS account. This is an essential log for security analysis, change tracking, and troubleshooting. CloudTrail should be enabled and turned on for all regions


    • Configure Networking: Architecture for application (VPC Design and Implementation); Network security with subnets and security groups

      Amazon VPC
      Provision a logically isolated section of the cloud to launch AWS resources in a defined virtual network



Application Migration
Deployment of the application (selected by the client and deployed with client-approved security controls derived from Unicon's risk-based recommendations). Deployment includes migration to the AWS Cloud through replication of an on-premise application to the cloud without redesign. Optimization and managed services are optional.


Client Enablement
Following the establishment of a strong AWS foundation and the deployment of an initial application, foundation operations are transitioned to the client. This includes a comprehensive report with operation documentation on the application migration, recommendations for future goals, and a planning template for repeatability of the four-step process. The end goal is to enable the client and their team to confidently begin future projects the right way.

Repeatable, Efficient Four-Step Process

The steps outlined above provide a repeatable, efficient four-step process that keeps clients in control of their applications and workloads. These steps enable clients to get started the right way with AWS, while an experienced resource guides them down the path to success.

Moving Beyond a Strong Foundation

Unicon helps clients manage permissions, record activity, and adhere to compliance standards after an AWS foundation is in place. As account usage changes, groups, policies, and configuration rules need to be updated. Clients engage Unicon to assist with adopting the AWS features, services, and offerings that meet their unique business challenges. Unicon is an Advanced Consulting Partner and a Member of the Public Sector Partner Program in the AWS Partner Network (APN). 

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AWS Certifications:

Unicon has staff certified in the current AWS certifications:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

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