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Informing Education Preparation Programs with the Ed-Fi Data Model - Webinar

When: On-Demand: Event Posted March 23, 2022
Complimentary Webcast

Centralizing real-time candidate data to drive educator prep program decisions and actions

Texas is in the process of adopting the Ed-Fi data standard. The Educator Prep Data Model (EPDM) Starter Kit is geared towards educator prep programs, and is meant to be an easy first step to adopting the larger Educator Prep Data Model.

James O’Meara said, “Educator Prep Programs are data-rich, but poor in wisdom.” Connecting data between various sources is challenging, and taking on the task of trying to surface candidate, program, and state data can be a little intimidating for even the most seasoned professional. For example, a candidate’s demographic information is in the school’s student information system, program data within the department, and state certification data lives on state sites, each using their own way of identifying candidates.

Ed-Fi has solved this challenge by creating the Educator Preparation Data Model (EPDM) Starter Kit. The EPDM Starter Kit is an excellent way for educator prep programs to connect candidate data across different sources with easy-to-use dashboards that surfaces decentralized data in convenient and actionable dashboards. Seeing the data as candidates progress through the program allows EPPs to have data-informed conversations about candidate success.

We invite you to view the recorded webinar below.



Unicon led the TPDM (now EPDM) Pilot Cohort last year, in which TAMIU participated. During the webinar, Dr. O’Meara and Nichole will cover the following topics:

  • Understand the first steps to implement the EPDM Starter Kit at your institution
  • TAMIU EPDM implementation experience and lessons learned
  • How the dashboards have changed the types of conversations TAMIU is having
  • What's TAMIU plans to do next with EPDM


Nichole Cota, Project Manager, Unicon, Inc. - Nichole Cota has 10 years of EdTech consulting experience. She currently works with Unicon clients to design and deliver educational content to learners, custom software development, and project management services. Nichole has extensive knowledge in leading software development teams, requirements gathering, and strategic planning.

James O’Meara, PH.D., Dean of Education and Tenured Professor Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M International University - Dr. James O’Meara has 15 years of experience as a college leader and 14 years of international teaching experience. He currently serves as the president of the International Council on Education for Teaching, with active membership in key UNESCO groups.

Please join James and Nichole for a casual conversation facilitated by Unicon’s Jillian Fenton over your favorite end-of-day coffee or tea.

Who Should Attend?

Texas program directors, Educator Prep Department Leads, VP for Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer/Academic Officer, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Director of IT