Learning Experience Design

August, 2022 At Unicon, I have been fortunate enough to work on all kinds of different projects. As an education consultancy, we help our clients solve their most complex and challenging problems. From K-12, Higher Education, to Education Technology companies, we help clients with a wide spectrum of solutions ranging from integration, to content development or hosting, and operations.
April, 2021 In many course programs, even those that are offered in a wide variety of languages, there are non-native English speakers who opt to take their courses in English. These students are called English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) learners.
March, 2021 When Robert M. Gagne published The Conditions of Learning, he may not have realized that his desire to find better ways to teach people would blossom into the field we know as Instructional Design. Today, there are many different instructional design theories, models, and approaches that you can use. In fact, you may find that some firms adhere strictly to one instructional design model.
October, 2020 CanvasCon 2020 Online last week was one of the first virtual conferences I had done since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
September, 2020 Part 1: Crafting Objectives and Recommending Content Delivery Methods If you are a faculty member at a college or university and you have been asked (or told) to move your popular
March, 2020 Subject matter experts know a lot about their subject--that’s why they are experts! They also may know a lot about teaching. So why do they need an instructional designer? In an online course, the dynamics of learning are very different--and there is no ongoing
February, 2020 Was it worth it? Finally, after months of effort, your course is complete and ready to be published. Once the high-fives have finished you may wonder what is next. Evaluating the effectiveness of a course is an essential part of a course life cycle.
November, 2019 More than one-third of all students take at least one online course each year. But their experience varies, ranging from courses that are dry, boring, unengaging, and ineffective, to courses that are highly interactive, effective, and represent a better experience for the student than an actual classroom.
June, 2019 Unicon is investing in ways of assisting instructors in the classroom and employing analysis of content and assessment relationships to inform instruction. With that goal in mind, described below is an effort to develop a model to evaluate mastery of a topic and to make content and/or learning activity recommendations based on past student performance.
March, 2018 Microlearning is a hot buzzword these days; however, the concept has been around for quite a while. I first came across it in the early 2000s while developing content for a technical certification program. We called it something different at that time, but the concepts remain the same. Since then, the term used to describe a small modular piece of learning content is dependent on what is trendy at the time. My personal favorite came out of a recent discussion with a client about their vision of "bite-sized, snackable" content. After going back and forth some we came up with the term, "snackable learning nuggets."