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Introducing Shibboleth IdP UI

Shibboleth Shibboleth is a widely adopted federated identity solution that provides web single sign-on authentication services both within organizations and across organizational boundaries. 

As with any enterprise application, it can be challenging to deploy and configure Shibboleth.  However, after you have successfully completed Shibboleth’s one-time installation, the configuration options available to assist users as service providers are added can be overwhelming, and that’s where the new Shibboleth IdP UI comes in to assist with a streamlined and informative UI to guide the user through the configuration.
The InCommon Trusted Access Platform technology is designed to inform and guide institutional policies, practices, and organization for identity and access management.  Internet2 facilitates feedback and requirement gathering from the Shibboleth community about needs, goals, and proposed directions for identity and access management software.  Based on community feedback, Internet2 recognized the complexity of adding service providers to the IdP as a significant pain point for Shibboleth users.

Fortunately, Shibboleth IdP 3.4 provides new capabilities for metadata driven configuration that help alleviate some of these headaches.  To take advantage of these capabilities, Internet2 partnered with Unicon to create Shibboleth IdP UI, an easy-to-use management dashboard for Shibboleth IdP 3.4.
Shibboleth IdP UI makes adding service providers much easier, supports authentication overrides, and allows IdP operators to come up to speed and integrate services quickly.

To learn more about Shibboleth IdP UI, download the Shibboleth IdP UI data sheet or listen to Unicon’s recent Shibboleth IdP UI Webinar.

If you have questions about Shibboleth or how Shibboleth IdP UI can reduce the complexity of adding new service providers to Shibboleth, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Senior Software Developer, Unicon, Inc.
Jonathan Johnson is a Software Architect and Identity and Access Management (IAM) Consultant for Unicon, Inc, a leading provider of education technology consulting and digital services. Jonathan has extensive experience in deploying IAM solutions scaling from just a few users to 100 million users or more. He has deployed and supported web and/or federated single sign-on systems such as Shibboleth, Apereo CAS, and ADFS, and group management systems such as Grouper for clients in education, healthcare, insurance, government, and entertainment. Prior to Unicon, Jonathan spent many years providing technology support and services for education as well as working as a consultant and developer for start-ups and small businesses.