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Do You Have the Right Ingredients to Achieve Your Strategic Goals?

When the pandemic hit in 2020, schedules came to a screeching halt and I, like many others, took advantage of more time on my hands to up my cooking game. With a family of three active teenage boys, I was no newbie in the kitchen, but the extra time allowed me to try new recipes, explore different types of foods, and get a little creative.

However, I was occasionally faced with a challenge many other cooks are all too familiar with… remembering to buy all the ingredients I need while I’m at the store! I often found myself missing a key ingredient, and having to make substitutions. I’ve come to learn that using the right ingredients as the recipe calls for is a crucial factor that takes a dish from being “good” to “great”. 

Of course, the need for the right “ingredients” doesn’t only apply to cooking. That’s why a core part of the work we do at Unicon involves providing higher education and edtech clients with strategic staffing. We seek to understand our customers’ business needs and technology challenges, and based on these needs, we provide subject matter experts in *strategic roles* to help fill any expertise gaps that may exist. 

Filling out a team to reach its full potential in order to achieve strategic goals takes more than just adding another generalized back-end developer. Finding the right resource that is experienced and versed in solving your specific challenges is just like using the right ingredients for your recipes. The right ingredients can take your project from good to great. Our clients have shared a variety of reasons to supplement, enhance, or reinforce their team through strategic staffing. Here are a few examples of gaps we have helped fill for our clients:

Unfamiliar Territory
“We are implementing a new initiative internally and revamping our current architecture.  We want to feel confident we got it right the first time.”

Consensus and Alignment
“We need help bringing diverse groups throughout the organization together and gain consensus on direction, scope, and overarching vision.” 

Scalability - and Seasonal Fluctuations
“We’re ramping up production and need to serve a growing user base to handle a seasonal peak in volume. We need more workforce capacity to ensure we can meet the needs of our customers for a short period of time.”

Accelerate your Time to Market
“With tight deadlines to meet, we need to accelerate the product development and deployment to gain a competitive advantage. We need seasoned professionals that are familiar with the education technology space. We don’t have time to recruit, interview, and hire.”

Keeping the Lights on Product Support
“We have multiple new product initiatives that we want to divert key internal staff to lead; however, we have legacy applications that continue to need ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancements.”

Educational Specialists
“We have a few knowledge gaps in implementing a new technology. We need an experienced professional to assist our team in outlining a solution and answering questions.” 

Personnel Gaps
“In the current environment, we have experienced a spike in turnover and have lost some key technical roles to attrition. We need to fill those gaps so we can continue operations until new permanent candidates are found.”

Unicon has been serving the educational technology industry for over 30 years. We support the touch points throughout the learner journey. From the time the learner engages with your systems through completion, we offer services to support the entire student lifecycle. 

When you hire Unicon for strategic staffing, you gain a seasoned professional that is versed in the problems your teams are facing. Our resources go beyond just filling a seat on an org chart to solve your immediate needs, by striving to ensure the solution is scalable and flexible enough to evolve with the dynamically changing educational technology landscape. 

Once projects are finished and needs have been satisfied, our experts ensure continued success by transferring their knowledge to your team. We educate your people on how to manage the new technologies that have been put in place, ensuring that they can continue operating with independence and confidence.

Let Unicon help provide the secret sauce to your project. Bringing in knowledgeable resources that are familiar with your problems reduces ramp-up time, increases efficiency, reduces development time, etc. How can we help provide you with the right ingredient to make your projects successful?

Patty Wolfe

Patty Wolfe

Senior Director, Learner Applications and Experience
Patty Wolfe is the Senior Director, Learner Applications and Experience for Unicon Inc, a leading provider of education technology consulting and digital services. Patty has over 17 years of project management and consulting experience, managing all aspects of client relationships including strategic planning and implementation, project delivery, client satisfaction, and P&L. Since joining Unicon in 2001, she has worked with companies such as Scholastic, John Wiley and Sons, and Pearson Education to deliver a diverse portfolio of projects including sophisticated online learning applications, simulations, and progressive assessments that deliver an individualized learning experience. She holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), and a ScrumMaster® certification from the Scrum Alliance organization.