Cloud Services

March, 2021 You’re an Instructional Designer or another flavor of content creator. You’ve attended a few meetings recently, big meetings that all the “technical folks” and your authoring team have been a part of. The topic was “DevOps” as a practice, how it’s going to speed up your ability to produce content, and allow your team to release your product more frequently.
October, 2019 At Unicon, a common challenge that we hear about is this: “We have lots of data everywhere, but we want a way to bring the data into one place so that we can analyze it and use it to ‘see’ how we are doing, possibly to spot trends and ultimately to inform decision making.”
May, 2019 Background and Overview In my previous article, AWS Lex Chatbot in the Classroom, I began exploring how to incorporate machine learning (ML) in the classroom. The myriad technologies and frameworks provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) made it fairly simple to wire together processes and allowed me to focus on using the truly unique and valuable aspects of the chatbot to create a digital assistant that could provide definitions and a list of related terms in response to a student question.
March, 2019 Background and Overview Many current web applications provide some form of automated help and support for their customers. The value of this is two-fold. By providing an intuitive and high quality automated system, customers can self-serve many common questions without needing to wait for a person to provide the answers.
June, 2015 Recently, Unicon has been engaging with a number of clients on cloud migrations. In some cases, those engagements have been focused on executing migrations to private or public clouds. In other cases, Unicon starts with the challenge of whether a service should be migrated to the cloud and if so, how far does that go - just the infrastructure or the management of the environment and services as well?