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The technology needs of K-12 schools are very distinct; teachers, staff, and parents must stay in close contact for increased student success, and they require dependable, reliable technology to do so. School districts can require technology including identity and access management (IAM), student success and retention, teaching and learning, portals, mobile computing, online video, and email and collaboration.

Unicon provides services and support for each of these technologies and has its domain expertise in education technology. Unicon helps education technology companies deliver their technologies to K-12 districts. For example, Unicon developed a portal for a client with a multi-tenancy feature for a client that needed to serve various K-12 school districts by providing each of them with their own portal instance within one portal implementation, to deliver personalized learning. Portals can connect teachers, staff, parents, and students.

In the portal scenario, there is the option of adding IAM technologies to secure the portal and allow for safe collaboration, such as Central Authentication Service (CAS) for single sign-on, Shibboleth for federated identity, and Grouper for groups management.

A student success strategy may also be an important piece of a school’s IT infrastructure. Identifying at-risk students through learning analytics and engaging them through student success technology creates a sound strategy. Unicon provides services for all facets of the learning analytics cycle, and for the Student Success Plan (SSP) case management technology.

Contact Unicon for more information on any of these technologies and services that help connect teachers, parents, and students for the ultimate goal of increased student success.