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Education Technology

Unicon understands the needs of education technology companies. Unicon’s education domain experience, combined with its technology expertise, provides companies with added insight into the market. For education technology companies, Unicon offers unique services to match individual company needs. The Unicon team offers systems integration, including integration with learning analytics components, learning management systems, portals, identity and access management technologies, and web content management systems. Unicon understands simple to complex systems integrations and makes online tools, projects, and features accessible to campus systems. Clients who have a variety of integration challenges rely on the Unicon team to advise them on upgrading and/or enhancing access to campus systems. Software engineering (customization) and technology delivery are additional services offered by Unicon. Performance testing is another service Unicon provides, ensuring top performance of new and current systems. Unicon services enhance the scalability, reliability, and performance of current solutions.

Unicon provides IT services using open source options, or companies can choose to have custom solutions built. Open source options are viable solutions. Using open source software ensures increased flexibility, control, and reduced cost. Companies enlist Unicon for custom solutions as well, which can use open source technologies as a foundation.