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Unicon provides IT professional services to a variety of industries. Clients can count on Unicon's deep experience and expertise in applying open source solutions to business challenges, across a wide array of industries. Unicon's IT professional services are designed to meet the needs of the industries listed below.

Unicon understands that each industry is unique and works with clients to develop a project road map specific to their industry. Unicon can meet the varying needs of each industry with open source solutions. Different solutions may be advantageous to different industries. Unicon pays special attention to individual needs and can build custom solutions from scratch, in addition to using open source solutions, to provide industry-specific solutions to business challenges.

Corporations trust Unicon

The Unicon team provides services and support to corporations large and small. Unicon’s priority is to work closely with clients to comprehend their IT challenges and create a roadmap together to address these challenges.Learn More

Meeting business requirements

Unicon’s open source experts can build solutions that meet the needs of education technology companies. Clients depend on Unicon for reliable, flexible, and efficient solutions that can either be built custom from scratch or based on open source projects.Learn More

Increase control, reduce cost

Open source solutions provide many desirable advantages government entities seek, including increased control and reduced cost.Learn More

Domain expertise in education

Unicon provides IT services to public and private colleges and universities, community colleges, and for-profit institutions. Unicon specializes in education, and possesses a deep understanding of the market and the IT community.Learn More

Solutions to foster communication

Open source technology can be used to connect students, teachers, and parents with the resources they need to promote student success.Learn More

Contributing expertise to communities

Unicon is deeply invested in the continued development of the open source projects it supports. Non-profits can leverage Unicon’s services to sustain and support open source projects.Learn More

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