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Introducing Wayfind Talent by Unicon - Tech Talent Acquisition

Gilbert, AZ, April 11th, 2024—In today's competitive landscape, organizations often encounter challenges in sourcing and retaining top technical talent. Similar to just-in-time models prevalent in the manufacturing industry, Unicon introduces Wayfind Talent, its Talent as a Service (TaaS) offering, to address these needs within the Higher Education (HED) and Educational Technology (EdTech) sectors.

“Unicon has been providing high quality strategic staffing for decades. Our unique ability to provide true domain experts who are ready, reliable, and delightful to engage with sets us apart in the industry. Now more than ever, institutions and companies rely on quality partners that get it right the first time. Wayfind Talent gives our clients choice, talent, and ultimately, results.”

- Kate Valenti, CEO, Unicon

Wayfind Talent is all about taking a more holistic approach to IT staffing. A 2022 EDUCAUSE report revealed that 42% of senior IT leaders experienced team attrition, with 55% considering retirement or departure from their organizations. These figures underscore the significance of resilience in hiring, highlighting the pivotal roles of flexibility and compensation in post-pandemic work environments. Wayfind Talent offers an adaptable solution, adept at navigating the evolving landscape of the IT workforce.

Unicon’s strategic solution caters to the specific needs of HED and EdTech markets by providing access to technical experts with K-20 domain expertise. Rather than burdening organizations with the task of recruiting and maintaining full-time talent for projects requiring specialized skill sets, Wayfind Talent offers flexible staffing models—quarterly, half-time, or full-time—to align with project requirements.

Early adopters of Unicon’s Wayfind Talent have discovered that through its subscription-based packages of time and roles, HED and EdTech organizations can efficiently acquire high-end domain expertise in a cost-effective manner, ensuring project success without missing any identified goals. This ready-to-execute formalized shared services model has proven to be instrumental in overcoming talent acquisition challenges.

Wayfind Talent’s key features:

  • Flexible Staffing: Options for quarterly, half-time, or full-time engagements to align with project needs.

  • EdTech Domain Expertise: Access to specialized roles such as technology strategists, project and program managers, software architects, and developers covering areas like interoperability, product development, data governance, security, and cloud optimization.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Maximizing ROI without committing to full-time technical staff.

With the ASU+GSV Summit right around the bend from April 14-17, 2024, Unicon’s launch of Wayfind Talent brings a burst of sunshine to the tech world, perfectly aligning with the Summit’s focus of "Here Comes the Sun.”

For more information, visit Unicon's website or contact us directly.